Hi, my name is Mikey Couch.


Freelance Graphic Designer & Illustrator. How do you summarise yourself professionally whilst trying to be fun without it sounding like a tinder bio. Im not too sure but what I am sure about is Design.


I’m a freelancer based in Perth, WA. I specialise in Illustration, Motion/Animated Graphics, Branding, Advertising and Editorial Spreads.


I have a passion for all things design. I can be manic when the time needs, professional at the all the other times. Drawing calms me down, so illustrations are my favourite things to do. Love a coffee or beer, whatever time of day we can meet up and discuss design, we'll be having one of the two depending on time of day, or both - why not.

Some of the projects I have worked on in Perth range from:

  • Local hotdog chain "Wassup Dog"

  • New gym branding "The Movement Barracks"

  • Clothing company branding/illustrations "Terminal"

  • Candle company branding "Feel & Co."

  • Cake company branding "Hello Sweet Thing"

  • EDM Artist "Bromad"

  • Production House "Graffic Jam"

  • Plus much more.

I also sell my illustrations on t-shirts, because what freshly graduated designer doesn't try that, am I right?

Throw me a message Id love to hear from anyone looking for a designer or anyone who just wants a chat.

Check out my work below: