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Motion Graphics, Web Design, Branding, Design & Illustration


Graffic Jam is Perth production house comprised of myself, two film makers and two audio engineers. It creates content for local bands in Western Australia by providing them with video, audio and artwork for their music.

It was my job to brand Graffic Jam and its product Sound Check. The link below directs you to the website created by myself. It is also my job to create the motion graphics such as, opening stings and artist/song name banners that pop up in the video. I have attached a video of motion graphics made for this project but ultimately were not used. 

I also illustrated each band we had on Sound Check and look forward to creating merchandise with the bands and the drawings.

This is a on going business that I will be apart of throughout 2019 and beyond.

Style Guide

Motion Graphics:

JAm Jar Questions_Sting (Converted).gif
Grace ArmstrongIG.gif

Showcase Posters:

For the showcase of Graffic Jam, I created an art installation to give the feeling you were at the venue experiencing the band while watching the episodes. Pictured to is the installation followed by some of the posters that appeared on the wall itself.

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