Men Talk Health




Design, Illustration, Typography, Motion Graphic, Animation, Photography & Photo Manipulation.


This project is about raising awareness on the mental health of men of all ages. The “Men Talk Health” campaign was designed specifically to be dark and uncomfortable for the viewer, by showing the harsh realities of mental health and the dark consequences it can have without support or treatment. Mental health issues, particularly Depression and Anxiety, have been personified by a dark, mysterious monster, represented by the tentacles throughout the series of posters. The personification of the monster reflects the way that, over time and without help, the illness can get a hold of someone’s life. The idea that suffering from the disease feels like treading water, and trying to stay afloat, is subtle throughout the entire campaign. The concept that the darkness of the disease will eventually pull you under and drown you, without the help of others, is reflected visually in the Motion Infographic. This is all tied in to reach one goal, a call to action, “talk to a mate before its too late.”

Below is a series of Posters used with the campaign, along with a info motion graphic. 

Poster Campaign

Social Promotion

This is a part of the social issues campaign where I believe the talking point for men can be around having a social drink. The beer coasters are for the people to put the puzzle together and start a conversation. With the backside of the coaster having talking points and information on help.