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This was my first group project in the world of graphic design! For this assignment we had to come up with a new and unique food truck from scratch and then create a menu, brand and look for the truck itself. Our group decided to do a idea we havent heard of before and this was a "nugget with a twist". A food company that sold nuggets, but not your ordinary type of nuggets, these nuggets consisted of the classic chicken nugget and then the special ones such as, pulled pork nugget, beef nugget, lamb nugget and many more. 

After pitching the idea it was time to get the ball rolling. After discussing we wanted a fun energetic company to go with this crazy idea, I made the concepts of different characters for the nuggets, I also did the design for the food truck, stickers and promotional posters.

The logo was created by my team mate and designer, Andrew Salfinger.

Meet the Nuggets:

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