Front & Back Covers

Issue 1 - British Columbia

Issue 1 - British Columbia, Canada

Issue 2 - Japan



Poser Snowboard Magazine




Design, Layout & Illustration


Here it is! It finally arrived, this was the most testing project Ive done so far. The brief was to make a 50 page magazine for a topic of our choice. This magazine was to include, front and back pages for 2 issues, editors notes, contents page, credits and 5-10 advertisements. The advertisements didnt have to be made by ourselves, as long as they had a watermark on them. Also a styleguide was made for the magazine which you can see located here also.

I chose a snowboard magazine that was different from the rest. When you look at a lot of them, they like to focus on how epic and extreme the sport is with beautiful artistic photos. I dont know the sport like that, I know it as a fun holiday that includes the new countries, different experiences and living cool life in a ski town. 

I wanted to try and portray that through the use of photo manipulation and my crazy illustrations. I used old skate and surf magazines to try and get the retro crazy feel. The hardest part of this was to still mainatain a readable magazine. 

The process used for this was using the combination of Photoshop, Illustration and inDesign for the first time. For the layout I used a 7 grid layout that helped me get these different but yet coherent articles, while allowing me to be dynamic.

With the articles I didnt write them and the sources have been acknowledged in the credits of the magazine and the images apart from my illustrations have been credited in the credits for my assignment.

Thank you for checking this out and I hope to show more projects in the new year!