Pitching the idea of my magazine last Thursday (5/10/17) was something I didn’t feel confident about. As this was the first pitch I have done solo, with an idea completely my own, it felt good to pull it off. While there are some things I can take in to account to improve myself, like to slow down and take in the moment to help sell a product or idea. With these being aspects of my pitches to improve on, the concept of a snowboard culture magazine by incorporating illustrations and photography to help create the fun atmosphere around it was understood and accepted by the audience, there is still some finalising on how to nail this idea down to a finished product. With that being said I will be exploring the exact idea of incorporating illustrations and photography through design in the next blog, this weeks blog I will be presenting you with the tenuous task of creating a good masthead and the trial and error process before coming to a finalised product.

As mentioned this week I have been focusing a lot on my masthead as this was a area I hadn’t finalized yet. As described by Nikola from “A magazine masthead. Masthead’s role is to be recognizable. In the sea of magazines on the newsstands you want your logo to pop up.” Seen above, the original masthead concept I had and got comfortable with. This is bold and sharp for a sharp font called Coluna. With some minor tweaks to it in illustrator, I felt like it was the winner, so much so I was confident it was done. Although as any part of a project it’s good to explore over areas and concepts. This is where things get interesting. If we look at the three used in the pitch as choices to the masthead. As you can see there was the one I first one we've seen, after that it was two of the same fonts that are more playful and finally was a font I was working off completely freehand and custom. Overall the feedback was to choose number 2 as the soft curves and bubbly effect of it complements the illustrative feel to the magazine. Check them out out here:

While I agree the with the feedback given, there was a need to still take it a step further. My first step was to try and fix the letters up by customising the curvy font myself as you will see in the moment. Consistent with each one their felt like I couldn't perfect it, where one part looked right another wouldn't fit. This trip that has lasted the whole week of making the fonts over and over. By doing this it started to make me question exactly how each magazine will look with these mastheads. Below you will see the process from my pitch through to trial and errors of different mastheads.

Inevitably this took me down a different angle of the colours originally picked (the original colours on examples below) and start to explore over avenues. By exploring the exact art-style that will be used on the front cover will also help aid me in deciding the masthead. So understanding the colours will still be bright and fun I need the masthead to stand out more. In the upcoming examples you can see I haven't changed the colours as this is for the unveil at the end but you can clearly see I have mixed the two mastheads together, by using the font from the first one and adding the the curvature feel to it. By adding this slight adjustment you can see it blends in nicer with illustrative feel whilst still having the prominent bold feel to it. Exactly what a masthead needs right?

Now we have a style that I feel represents the aspects of a good masthead, its bold and noticeable on the top. To me it feels it adds a sense of the snow itself where the fonts curve to it adds a sense of fogginess to it that represents the top of the mountain in itself. Throughout the examples you may have noticed the symbol in the "O" also, this was originally a idea for the "P" itself, but turned out to be a symbol that worked well with the joke, fun side of the magazine and has been decided to stay here. While I'm happy with the masthead now this opened up a new question of positioning, as seen above. Yesterday we had a gallery walk of all the students magazines mastheads in class, from this we all made final decision on what was the best as a group. From all this process I hope you have learnt that the first idea is not always the final idea not matter how much you like. For me you can see the different styles created and explored only to understand that even though I have gone for a similar concept as the first, if it wasn't for this process I wouldn't have created a more refined version. The final decision for the masthead is located lastly on this page, although while still exploring the colours to use I hope you enjoy it and found this informative on the process of how to create a masthead or any kind of logo for that matter. Ill see you next week when discuss the uncommon design technique of combining illustrations and photography as one.


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